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.uk $8.51
.de $6.16
.nl $6.16
.xyz $10.31
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.de $6.16USD $6.16USD $6.16USD
.uk $8.51USD $8.51USD $8.51USD
.com $9.99USD $11.32USD $11.32USD
.xyz $10.31USD $10.31USD $10.31USD
.nl $9.22USD N/A $9.22USD
.org $12.86USD $12.86USD $12.86USD
.net $13.39USD $13.39USD $13.39USD
.me $10.50USD $22.00USD $22.00USD
.us $10.85USD $10.85USD $10.85USD
.eu $11.30USD $11.30USD $11.30USD
.co $11.30USD $27.00USD $27.00USD
.es $10.00USD $10.00USD $10.00USD
.fr $10.77USD $10.77USD $10.77USD $8.51USD $8.51USD $8.51USD

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