The following Terms of Service (TOS or Agreement) apply to all services provided by NetDomainZ (we, us, our) to you, the customer. By purchasing services from us you agree to these terms of service.


In order for a Visitor to become a Customer an order must be submitted via NetDomainZ billing system. During the submission of the order the visitor is responsible for the accuracy of all the provided information. Errors during the sign up process due to order information inaccuracy may lead to service activation delays or rejection. You must be over the age of 18 at the time you place your Order.

All orders will be scanned for fraud activity and might be held for manual human verification process. You may receive a notice that your order has been rejected in case it fails to pass our Fraud Verification process. In such cases no order will be accepted and no service will be activated until the issue is resolved.

The Company is under no obligation to provide any service which is not explicitly included in the order. The Visitor must follow all requirements to submit their order and provide accurate information during the sign up process. In case any issues occur during the process, the Visitor or the Customer is responsible for informing the Company. The company cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by incorrectly submitted order or for any issues that the Visitor has not yet informed the Company.

Account Ownership

The personal information which has been submitted during the sign up process will be set and available under the "Your Info" section of the Customer's client area. The individual or entity set in the Your Info section is considered to be the account owner. It is a Customer's obligation to ensure that the correct details are set under this section.

If there is a dispute about ownership, the account will be locked until the parties to the dispute agree on a resolution, or until the matter is resolved judicially.


Upon submitting an order an invoice will be generated. No service will be activated until the payment for the order, under which the specific service is added, is submitted. Invoices are due immediately upon receipt and all fees are net of applicable fees. The Customer is responsible for any additional fees or taxes that might be applied to you by your bank.

All services provided by the company are automatically set on recurring billing and an invoice will be issued 14 days before the service expiration date except the services that are explicitly advertised as "One time" services

In case any of the services set on recurring are not explicitly cancelled and discontinued by the customer in compliance with the "Cancellation and Refunds" policy, the Customer will be charged the applicable fee for the service renewal based on its billing cycle fee.

In case an automatic renewal charge fails and you fail to renew or terminate the service, we will make additional attempts to charge your credit card(s). We will attempt to charge the primary credit card on file first. Should the primary credit card fail, we will retry billing other credit cards on file in the order listed in your User Area. In case we are not able to charge any of the available credit cards the service will be suspended until the payment is submitted by the Customer.

The Company is not responsible for any loses including files, emails, domains or lost profits as a result of service suspension or termination due to no renewal or because your credit cards on file have expired or are no longer valid for any reason.

Disk and Traffic usage

The disk space and traffic provided by the Company as a part of any service must be used to fulfill the purpose of the service. This means that all resources provided by the Company must be used for hosting purposes to make certain data available to the world over the Internet. The Customer acknowledges that the services purchased by the Company are for web hosting purposes and not storage ones. Storage of a large amount of uncompressed or full-size digital images, online backups both of your local computer or other online resource is prohibited. The company reserve the right to request content removal or temporary suspend access to any resource in case of suspicious that the service resources are not used as intended.

The Customer's use of any service resources may not exceed that of similarly situated customers in a way to affect global performance of the hosting environment or cause any service-related issues, delays of the regular backups or high I/O wait.

Providing Technical Support Policy

The Customer acknowledges that by asking our technical representatives for technical assistance, they authorizes their intervention and operation in the Customer's hosting account, cPanel and/or Client Area or any related domain.

The Company will do its best to provide the requested technical support in the time frame expected by the Customer and to achieve the results required by every particular request. The Company, however, has no obligation to complete the requested task by any deadline or achieve any particular outcome or result.

The Company reserves the right to refuse technical support service.

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